Outdoor Education in the Toronto District School Board

Outdoor Education in the TDSB happens at 5 Overnight and 5 Day Centres

Outdoor Education offers students curriculum based “beyond the classroom” learning experiences. The aim of these adventures is to connect students to the built and natural world around them. Whether in an urban or rural setting, our programs engage all aspects of the curriculum and beyond. At the Toronto Outdoor Education Schools (TOES), students learn through enriching inquiry based teachable moments that cannot be duplicated within the walls of a classroom. Outdoor Education brings learning to life and inspires a sense of wonder.


In the Toronto District School Board, Outdoor Education is an integral part of each student’s school journey. To ensure that these opportunities are available to all students, the TDSB operates eleven programs at five Overnight and five Day Centres to immerse students in safe, active and enriching learning experiences in both natural and urban environments. Administered under the auspices of the Program Department (Teaching and Learning), these facilities and staff provide exemplary programming for over 90,000 Elementary and Secondary TDSB students (and 3,500 staff) each year.


TDSB Day Centres

The TDSB’s Day Centres provide highly motivating and innovative, curriculum connected Outdoor/Urban Education programs for students throughout their K to 8* years. There is also one day centre specifically for secondary students: see below. Spread across the City in locales that range from the natural to the built environment, activities utilize the unique resources available to each site. Day Centres serve neighbouring Families of Schools minimizing travel and leaving more time for experiential learning! ‘Rich and full’ captures the essence of our programming!

* The grades served by each Day Centre vary
Learn which grades are served by each Day Centre

Download a map of the Day Centre Catchment Areas


TDSB Overnight Centres

Every student between grades 5 and 7** has the opportunity to benefit from a stay at one of the TDSB’s Overnight Centres. “Intense” best describes these programs which emphasize team work, self-discipline and personal growth through curriculum enhancing outdoor activities. Situated in some of the most spectacular parts of the province, the breathtaking settings cultivate unique learning communities where students, teachers and Outdoor Education staff collaborate for success. The result: lessons and learning that continue to shape students — and teachers — long after the visit ends.

** the grade in which students visit an Overnight Centre varies from school to school
Learn which grades are served by your school’s Overnight Centre

Download a map of the Overnight Centre Catchment Areas


Some Outdoor Education Centres also offer:
  • Weekend Programs emphasizing Leadership and Personal Growth;
  • Special Programs aimed at various TDSB student groups including those in Secondary Schools;
  • Summer Camps (open to both TDSB and non-TDSB students).


Day Centre

Grades Served

Etobicoke Field Studies Centre
1 - 6
9 - 12 (Collaborative Leadership and Environmental Studies Program)
Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre
(Forest Valley)
K - 8
Hillside Outdoor Education School
K - 8
Toronto Urban Studies Centre
3 - 8
Warren Park Outdoor Education Centre
(Warren Park)
K - 6


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