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Bus Updates

We are using coach buses.

On your child’s way home, the bus leaves Camp Kearney at 9:30 am and should take about 3 hours (with an approximate arrival time of 12:30pm) to Agincourt Collegiate, 2621 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario.

On your child’s way to Camp Kearney, the bus leaves Agincourt Collegiate, 2621 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario at 12:30 pm.  Please be patient and keep in mind that traffic and/or weather can affect the timing of the bus.  Thank you!

*Please make sure campers have eaten lunch before getting on the bus*


If you are dropping your child off at camp, please no earlier than 4pm. If you are picking up your child, please come between 9-9:30 am.  Email or phone to arrange pick up or drop off.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations made after May 15, 2015, must be accompanied by a medical
certificate to get a refund. Deposit of $100 non-refundable.


*Please be aware that grade refers to the year the camper has just completed.*

*Please register as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.*


Other Considerations

Camp Kearney fulfills all the Toronto District School Board’s rigid health and safety standards.
Delicious home cooked meals are served and campers with minimal dietary needs can
be accommodated. Prior notice on camper’s medical form for convenience
of our kitchen staff. Camp Kearney has a “Nut-Free Menu”.

Please do not bring any junk food as the campers are well fed with three meals a day, a snack at night or an opportunity to buy tuck food.

Bus transportation provided from Agincourt Collegiate, 2621 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario is included in the registration fee.
Swimming standards of a 100m swim and treading water for 3 minutes for participation in programs with extended canoe trips must be met. This is done at Camp Kearney.


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